Entegra has a wealth and depth of industry relationships within the Energy and High Tech Markets. We partner with our clients to provide customized and targeted search, market and competitor analysis, compensation surveys, consulting services, cross products and functions at a senior to executive level, as well as team moves. We leveraged the energy back office relationships to gain access to system developers, transformative technology analysts high tech developers, client facing managers and application developers in the technical space to offer broader talent. We offer a complete search process including talent mapping within the relevant markets, compensation surveying, market commentary for context on each search, screening, behavioral and technical as well as cultural screening of senior and executive profiles and reference checking through committed engaged and retained search solutions to our domestic and global clients within each practice area.

Consultation and Analysis

Our proposal begins with a consultation and analysis based on client interests and needs followed by execution of a process designed to bring agreed upon results while meeting time lines and budgets. Our success has been largely due to our unique approach: listening to our clients needs to match up with our candidates’ skills and motivations, ethical business practices, well developed relationships with professionals, network of specialists and history in this space. We have gained valuable credibility as market specialists gaining us access to the most successful professionals within our areas of specialty.

In order to identify and qualify the distinct professionals we place, we listen to client needs, pay attention to details like the culture the company is developing and follow a process that fits within guidelines of company policy and procedures, working closely with key decision makers, internal recruiters and “manage expectations” throughout the process.

Our clients are assigned a dedicated Consultant to lead the project and manage a project team of researchers and analysts while providing status reports throughout the project if requested. As a client, you will also receive real time market intelligence associated with each project, and complete anonymity if needed.


We are the only firm of our kind known today: Flat fee pricing for all searches for contingency and engaged services with the exception of C suite. This option is to give a known cost to our services.

Our research capability and our network of contacts allow our clients access to the very best talent, quickly and efficiently. Our teams of dedicated, passionate and hard working individuals are truly some of the best in the business. In addition, we have access to a worldwide network of search and recruiting offices allowing us access to thousands of specialists with your dedicated Consultant as the only point of contact for efficient, organized and planned candidate introductions screened properly for your project.

The bottom line is our client’s success on each project. We offer guarantees and retention plans as well as continuing consultation on a retained basis.

Search Process

Phase 1: Define Project/Search Specification

  • Understand client business and culture
  • Understand client needs and goal for project
  • Agree on project (individual or group), responsibilities, remuneration and career trajectory
  • Establish company selling points
  • Define and agree profile of required individual
  • Define and agree recruitment/search solution

Phase 2: Identify and Assess Target Candidates

  • Identify target population, build organization maps
  • Review organization charts, agree on targets
  • Fully screen and evaluate targets (assessments available)
  • Initial reference check targets
  • Produce and present full profiles of recommended targets
  • Set client/target interviews

Phase 3: Client/ Target Interviews

  • Organize interview logistics
  • Provide full feedback and debrief
  • Offer recommendations
  • Maintain project momentum

Phase 4: Secure Target

  • Manage and deliver offer
  • Manage resignation process
  • Maintain contact through first 90 days

Value Add Services:

Market Intelligence

  • Short term and contract consultants at every level
  • Skill, Behavioral and Cultural Assessments
  • Global Relocation Assistance
  • Background and Reference Checks